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Baby Welcoming

"I'll love you forever, 

I'll like you for always,

As long as I'm living

my baby you'll be

-Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

Every family has a story. Did you ever notice how much children love to hear about what they were like as babies? My two children would sit for hours and listen to me talk about them, not only as babies, but what it was like to feel them moving around before they were born. It makes me wish I had made some different decisions when it came to welcoming them into the world. When my second child was born, we had a blessing right in our own backyard. It was beautiful and intimate with family all gathered around in a private setting, performed by our beloved wedding officiant, Angel Joan. That ceremony is my inspiration for helping other parents welcome their children into the world with an experience they will treasure for a lifetime. 


Your baby welcoming ceremony is only limited by your own imagination. There are many cultural and religious rituals by which people welcome new life, but as I've said on previous pages you will see here on my site, I believe in everyone's right to control their own spirituality. Let's talk about what that means to you, and the legacy you would like to leave your child with. What will your family story be? 

If I were to do it over for my own children, this is what I would do...

After welcoming everyone, the minister would start off with the reading of the book "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. Following that would be some intimate words about welcoming a beautiful new life into the world. This would be followed by the parents' vows, which would be our promise to love, guide, and protect that new life unconditionally with love and support for all they are and who they may become. The minister would then anoint the baby using a single white rose dipped into a small bowl of water and an essential oil (of the parents' choice). The minister would then welcome the baby with a short message such as this, "Now, in this circle of warmth and joy, let’s all give one more big, happy welcome to little Baby! Come on up and see this beautiful baby!" The last and final piece of the special day would be for each guest to write a wish for the baby on a heart that would then be kept in a jar for the child as a keepsake to commemorate the day. 

This is just one example of a baby welcoming ceremony that we could create together. The options are really endless. If you would like to meet me and discuss some ideas, please feel free to book an online appointment with me below.


Customized Baby Welcoming Ceremony $300

  • Unlimited access – you will have my expert attention on every tiny detail. We can have frequent emails and texts, a few calls, and planning video calls if needed. 

  • Your ceremony will uniquely reflect you and your partner.

  • Unlimited drafts of your ceremony.

  • You have full control over all aspects of the ceremony’s content.

  • Includes any type of ceremony ritual you choose.

  • Includes up to 3 hours. I will arrive at least 1 hour prior to your guests’ arrival, and will be happy to offer my assistance with any “day of ceremony” tasks that may be otherwise outside my normal scope of responsibilities.

  • I will provide table with décor and all items needed for rituals you have chosen for your ceremony. 

** There will be additional travel fees for any location I will need to travel to in excess of 40 miles round trip from Great Meadows, New Jersey. My travel rate is $1.65 per mile. 


  • Baby wish jar with hearts $30

  • Parent vows keepsake $30 (standard stock photo background)

  • Parent vows keepsake $40 (personal/professional photo of your baby and/or family as background)

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